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Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

Simple Twist Of Fate

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

Girl Of The North Country

A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall

Buckets Of Rain

Make You Feel My Love

I Shall Be Released

Every Grain Of Sand

Oxford Town

Forever Young

You Ain't Going Nowhere

Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Blowin' In The Wind


All songs by Bob Dylan



I don't remember exactly where and I don't remember exactly when, but I do remember "Blowin' in the wind' blowing through the dust on my particular shelves and knowing that it would never settle in quite the same way again - I can't help it if I'm lucky. Since the day the lightning struck Bob Dylan's music has never failed to move me; to move me to rage, to question, to contemplate, to wonder, to laugh and to cry. Hardly a day goes by without a line from a Dylan song insistently knocking on the door of my consciousness to inspire me, or soothe me or mock me in my self-pity. Recording these songs was a labour of love and a voyage of re-discovery and my grateful thanks go to Andy and Joe for helping me make the return trip.


Recorded at Open House Studios

Engineered and mixed by Andrew Jones

Produced by Colin Henderson, Andrew Jones and Joe Topping


Colin Henderson: Vocals, Guitar

Andrew Jones: Bass, Mandolin, Guitar, Background vocals

Joe Topping: National steel, Harmonica, Guitar, Djembe, Background vocals

The JD Temperance Choir: Background vocals on I Shall Be Released and You Ain't Going Nowhere

Highway Of Diamonds

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