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               02 Feb 2015

Looking forward now to a couple of gigs in February. First up is a house gig for the West Houghton Folk Club. What makes this one special is the fact that it’s a Tom Topping Band gig and we haven’t performed together for some time. We’ve been rehearsing hard and we’re really up for it so that, coupled with playing for the always warm and welcoming West Houghton crowd, makes this something to look forward to.


Next up is a trip down to Guildford to perform at the Electric Theatre in a fund-raiser in support of the Royal Surrey County Hospital’s Detecting Women’s Cancers Appeal.  Billed as ‘Voices in Concert’ the gig features a number of artists and has been organised by my sister, Jean, who sings with Signature Singers, a female chorus who present music from the jazz era to the present day in Barber Shop style. Another one to look forward to with the added benefit of being for a very worthy cause

               01 Aug 2014

Last night's gig at Parkgate Folk Club was an absolute pleasure. It's a lovely club to play, situated on the Wirral on the banks of the River Dee, with a great audience and an atmosphere that brings out the best in you. Brian and Andrew were in top form and we came away knowing we'd done a really good job. Thanks to Eddie Morris and all the folks who make Pargkate the club that it is. The Club has top artists and meets on the last Thursday of the month. Click here for more details

               26 July 2014

The 29th Birthday Party at the Croppers club in Cleckheaton was held last night and I had the honour of being asked to perform. It was a brilliant evening among a very friendly and welcoming crowd. I've played the Croppers before and and had a great time and this occasion was no exception; everybody gets involved and sings along with the choruses and it's a pleasure to go there and play. Thanks to Eric for organising the evening and, of course, to Paul and Christine Cockerham who always put us up with 5-star quality when we venture into beautiful Yorkshire.


               20 July 2014

Had a great 'house gig' last night, attended by the patrons of the well-loved Westhoughton Folk Club. Being invited into somebody's home to ply your trade is really something special and when the guests at the party are as welcoming and supportive as these guys it can be magical. Thanks to Mike and Jean Hamilton for supplying the venue and the excellent buffet, to Pat Batty for the organisation, and to everybody for joining in with their accustomed gusto and helping me out when the voice started to go at the end.


               05 June 2014

Now that some of the songs have been road tested I'll be heading back into the studio next week to continue work on  the new CD. There are some demos of songs that might appear on the new album here. It's always interesting to see how the songs change from the first tentative steps to the end-product.  They grow and mature and the people you make the music with all have an influence on the turns they take on the journey.


02 May 2014

Had a great time at Wrexham last night. The audience was really up for it, singing along on the choruses, and the band was tight! Thanks to Ian Chesterman and Goff Jones for hosting the night and to Brian and Andrew for singing and playing beautifully. Oh, and for the first time in my life I won the raffle!

24 April 2014

Rehearsals with the Colin Henderson Band ahead of gigs in May and July are going well. We're all looking forward to

the gig at the Wrexham Folk Club on May 1st. It's a really welcoming club in a room over the Nag's Head Inn and perfomances are un-plugged.



02 April 2014

Gigs announced... Details here

28 March 2014

After a bit of a hiatus I'm back doing gigs and writing songs for a new CD provisionally titled 'Waiting for the Lightning'.


I haven't been totally invisible, performing at a number of concerts with The Tom Topping Band, but now is the time to take a higher profile.


Like all songwriters I never stop writing. There are ideas for songs, odd lines, bits of songs, and fully formed songs all over the house - on pieces of paper, in note books, partially recorded and going around in my head. It's time to round them all up and get them polished and shiny and out there before they get tired of waiting and find another lightning conductor!


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